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Online tutoring is available via Skype. Tutoring is offered in 30-minute increments for $20 per block. This fee is paid online at the time you book your appointment. Tutoring is available in reading, writing, English, literature, and more. If you are unsure about whether we can help you with the particular subject or project you are working on, please email us at before booking your appointment. We’d be happy to confirm before you invest in the service. Please click the image to the left to book, or simply click the booking link at the bottom of this page.




General proofreading is available at $25/hour. The minimum charge is $25, which simply means that even if we are proofreading a smaller document that may take less than one hour to complete, we will charge no less than $25. If you are unsure of how much time you need to book, we are more than happy to provide an estimate of how many hours are required based on your word count, number of pages, and subject matter. If you book a certain number of hours and our proofreading will exceed that time frame, we will contact you to make the decision on whether or not to book additional time to complete the proofing. For time estimates, email Please click the image to the right to book, or simply click the booking link at the bottom of this page.


Other Services

Other Services

The English Wallflower team is experienced in a number of academic and creative fields. If you would like to work with us outside of tutoring and proofreading, contact us with the details of your particular project, as well as the services you require, and we will provide a cost estimate. Email us at


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