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Last Updated 12/31/17

Our founder, Nik, identifies as a minimalist (you can get a clearer view of this by reviewing some of the past blog posts they have written). As part of this lifestyle, Nik is re-implementing a process they’ve used in the past, which is a 30-day list, to put distance between the impulse to purchase and the purchase itself. Sometimes, this results in a clearer understanding of why they want to make the purchase at all, delays the purchase, or prevents the purchase from ever taking place. If you’re not familiar with the particulars behind this list, or wish to know more about it, read the blog post about it before checking it out.

Backpack that has wheels

Date Originally Added: 1.15.17

Date Re-Established for the New Year, 2018 (and for new needs): 12.31.17



Freewrite Typewriter


Date Originally Added: 1.18.17

Date Re-Established for the New Year, 2018: 12.31.17

Began an investment account on 2.19.17 to save for this item because it is so expensive.

Restarted an investment account (12.31.17) originally began on 2.19.17 because this item is so expensive and requires long-term saving. 




Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, for my daughter, Skylar Astrid


Date Originally Added: 2.8.17

Date Re-Established for the New Year, 2018: 12.31.17







New Mattress because the fold-out that I’ve been calling a mattress for well over six months is giving up on life

Date  Originally Added: 2.12.17

Date Re-Established for the New Year, 2018: 12.31.17




11 Separate Books on Gender Studies, which are all linked below with only one photo featured to the side
Gender Trouble
by Judith Butler

No Future: Queer Theory and the Death Drive (Series Q) by Lee Edelman

The Trouble with Normal: Sex, Politics and the Ethics of Queer Life by Michael Warner

Cruising Utopia by Jose Esteban Muñoz

Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity

The Straight Mind: And Other Essays

A Critical Introduction to Queer Theory

Against Equality: Queer Critiques of Gay Marriage

PoMoSexuals: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sexuality

When My Boyfriend Was a Girl by Sunshine Mugrabi

My New Gender Workbook

Queer Ideas

Date Added: 12.31.71



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