A Short Guide: Why Wondering is Bullshit

It does not feel like this is a safe world for the ill, the mentally desperate, the dependent, the altruistic.

I grieve for the person who climbs the stairs instead of taking the elevator. They do it simply to tell themselves, “I can still do this—I can still exist in this boxing ring we call life.” I grieve for the person who, at night, screams the muffled cry of anger into the pillow before slamming their fist or head or [pick an appendage, any appendage] against the coffee table in desperation. They do it simply because the glass is NOT half full—it’s overflowing, and that’s NOT coffee, friend.

I grieve for the person who needs, who depends, who survives only if there are 45 minutes to give…when 44 minutes are all that’s left on the clock. They need 45 simply to face the basic tasks of living, and it requires them to curse the world in a way that makes them feel dirty: “This is a need—not a want! This is a need—not a want!” I grieve for the person of pure intentions who the world approaches with suspicion, criticism, or anger. They do what they do simply to DO, which is a forgotten but worthy motive.

As if to love would maim the confidence or the pride or the ability or the advancement or the [sometimes egotistical] peace of others. To turn on the light of another is to turn off our own—a lie. A fear. A grandiose delusion for the sake of saving ourselves when we aren’t even in danger. An itching, gradual death for the care of others.

We must discontinue the disposal of the dispirited. We. Must. Discontinue. The. Disposal. Of. The. Dispirited.

A statement which leaves people only to aimlessly wonder, “How?” Just how do I contribute to a dissolveMENT, to a  discontinuation of the disposal of the dispirited? And the answer is this: wondering is BULLSHIT.

Yes, my friend. Shame on us for wondering! Human as it may be, shame on us for wondering. For it is already in us, in our natural human actions that we’ve denaturalized because we spend too much time looking, looking, looking but failing to see, see, see that EVERYONE is human and EVERYONE is real. So we don’t wonder! Instead:

We hold the fucking door!

We tell a fucking joke while we walk with them up the stairs! While we walk…WITH THEM.

We fucking tell others that their shirt is RAD, COOL, LIT, THE SHIT, EXTRAORDINARY, (drop $50 word for cool here)!

We fucking sit up with them and keep them company so that the coffee table isn’t their only friend!

We fucking text just to say hi!

We fucking give 46 minutes!

[We fucking drop an enormous number of “fucks!”]

We fucking offer to help with their dog, their car, their move, their alien invasion, their new job!

We fucking accept their actions as only what they seem to be and nothing more! Down with paranoia and suspicion!

*author catches digital breath*

We treat other humans like…humans, friend.

Because aimlessly wondering is BULLSHIT. We are better than the wandering wonderers of a type of world we’ve forgotten. We are the creators of safety. And we are the beacons for the ill, the mentally desperate, the dependent, the altruistic.

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