American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Out of Darkness Walk in Jax, FL

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Support Wild Wiles West as we walk to fight suicide in the Out of the Darkness Jacksonville Walk.

What is so wild about Wild Wiles West? Mostly…love.

We love each other fiercely, and we’re striving to learn to love the rest of the world just as fiercely…because people are human, people are real, and everyone’s story matters.

We are joining the community of nearly 250k people walking in hundreds of cities across the country in support of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s mission to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide.

Our team captain may be Nik, but the real boss of this team is Nik’s daughter (Caitlin’s step-daughter), Skylar Astrid. We want you to keep that in mind. If you go to say, “Nah, we don’t want to support this issue with that team,” keep the true boss in mind–because yes, Nik obviously can’t put up a fight…but the 2-year-old can.

Here’s why we care: Both Nik and Caitlin have experience with mental health struggles. Both Nik and Caitlin love people with mental health struggles. Nik, personally, has survived a suicide attempt. And most importantly…

Our entire team, every single day, looks outside of their immediate social realm and sees others dealing with mental health struggles, thoughts of suicide, or both.

Please help us reach our fundraising goal by donating to a team member. To donate online, please click the donation image at the bottom of this post to travel to our team fundraising page. Then, select “Roster” and then choose one of the team members listed. Once you’re on their page, click “Donate Now.” Donations can only be made to individuals, but the total each participant raises goes toward our team goal.

Remember, mental health struggles are real, are valid. Remember, thoughts of suicide are common–it does not make a person “crazy” or any less of a person. Remember, suicide is a major issue we must all address. Remember, your donation and your involvement helps break down the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide.

All donations are 100% tax deductible and will help bring AFSP one step closer to achieving their bold goal to reduce the suicide rate 20% by 2025.

You can also support us by registering to walk with our team – just click the “join our team” button on the fundraising page. Seriously! Click the button! We would love to have you as a member of our team.

Can’t make the walk? No problem–register as a member of our team and help us fundraise. $5,000 is a lofty goal! We definitely need the help.

Can make the walk but don’t want to walk with us? No problem–a lot of our team includes introverts who truly just want to stay in the safety of their own social shell. Be a part of our team and walk to your own beat at the actual event.

Just be part of this with us. You. Are. Loved. You. Matter.

Best and Thank You,

Wild Wiles West


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