A Tomato Walks Into a Blog Post About Depression…

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What you may or may not know about depression is that it makes it difficult for you to accept help and love.

Mostly love.

Because depression convinces you that you’re not worthy of either. Depression is an insistent little gnat that says, “No one can help and love you like you are.” So you assume help is not out there. You assume love is not out there.

Mostly love.

Even when both are slapping you in the face with a sliced tomato (something that—logically—we assume would be quite noticeable), you assume they are not out there. So you don’t see them out there. You don’t see help and love.

Mostly love.

So, for the love of all that is fruit-related/vegetable-related (this depends on your particular views and beliefs about the tomato), try to stop being slapped in the face with a sliced tomato. I know that’s a lot to ask and may not be possible. That’s the whole point—depression sometimes (often) gets in the way. But try to accept help and love.

Mostly love.

You are worthy, which is why you have to try. Plus…the tomato. There is a figurative tomato slapping you in the face. How do you feel about that? But more to the original point, you are worthy so people are likely trying to help and love you.

Mostly love you.

Show that tomato who is boss, open your eyes and heart, and let those people help and love you—if you can.

And friend, absolutely no judgments if you can’t.

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