In an earlier post, I presented a list I compiled of 50 things that make me feel good. In a moment lacking inspiration, with over thirty minutes of my daily writing time still to fill, I needed something to go on—I found a middle school prompt that I initially thought would take mere minutes, but required the rest of my writing time for the day to complete. To expand on this writing project, I began an effort to discuss each of the 50 entries, and this post is a result of that project. Read the list at the original post, here.

Hi, my name is Nikcole, and I’m addicted to scented candles.

With four cats and one dog (just few enough animals to remain within the legal limit in our county), I purchase Pet Odor candles for the most part these days. However, those Pet Odor candles are also scented candles with specific smells that I enjoy. If you want to check out the candles I buy, click here (nobody paid me to say that—I just did it).

I have this bad joke I tell sometimes when I talk about scented candles. It’s something along the lines of, “I have this scented candle called Crimson Twilight, and I always kind of wondered what exactly a Crimson Twilight smells like.” The point is valid, though. Am I smelling authentic Crimson Twilight? If I smelled a Crimson Twilight out in its natural habitat, would it smell like my candle? Is there really any Crimson Twilight outside this candle that lives in my kitchen?

Thinking about my own terrible candle humor, it started me wondering if there were some really off-the-wall candle scents out there. What was I thinking? Of course there are strange candle scents across this great land. If you’re looking for a great list, leave it to Buzzfeed. No sooner than I went hunting down strange candle scents,  I found their own list of “10 Weird Scented Candles That Totally Exist.” There are some memorable ones on this list alone: White Castle Sliders, Very Old Books, Frankincense & Myrrh, A Stripper.

Stripper-scented candles don’t really tell you much about how scented candles ended up on my list of “50 things that make me feel good,” though. When I first met my wife, it was at a time in my life when I always had about twenty candles lit around my home, so not only was I supremely happy, but I was naturally romantic as well [insert Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing here]. Many of them were scented (I’m not opposed to multiple scents burning at one time so long as they are in separate rooms or are of similar smell), but not all of them.

Despite their capacity to breed various types of destruction (whether it is hot candle wax on the palm of your hand, catching your cat’s tail on fire, or broken glass in your feet after the aforementioned fire-cat begins dashing wildly about the room breaking candles), scented candles make me feel safe and calm. When I feel safe and calm, I feel good. This is how scented candles landed spot five on my list, not that the list is in any particular order.

If we’re being realistic, I can’t be the only person in the world that feels good when there are scented candles in the room. If I was the only person, Yankee Candle would be out of business, because I am not fly enough to afford regular Yankee Candle purchases. I mean, consider Yankee Candle’s history. They’ve been around since 1969, when some poor kid took fire to his crayons in an effort to cook up a candle as a gift for his Mom. Apparently, his Mom never got the gift because someone bought the candle from him first, and he used his profit to make two new candles, one of which finally made its way to his mother. I’m not making this stuff up—check it out for yourself. The point is that kid birthed a rocking company that remains one of the bestselling scented candle companies in the world.

In fact, people are apparently so into scented candles that they are willing to make them themselves, I suppose in an effort to be crafty and/or save money. If you’re taking time to make your own candles, they’ve got to make you feel good at some level. There is an entire Do-It-Yourself post about making your own scented candles available from Ruth, of Living Well, Spending Less.

My general point is this—candles make me feel safe and calm, which makes me feel good, but I am not alone. I am not some candle-sniffing weirdo who hides in my house limiting social interaction in order to make time for my beloved wax friends. Actually, I am a weirdo…sometimes I hide in my house…I regularly limit social interaction…I do like scented candles…BUT I promise there isn’t anything shady going down here. I don’t make my own candles, that’s for sure. I don’t spend my hard-earned cash on high-dollar candles, either. I’m just your average candle-loving gal in a candle-loving world. This fact is why scented candles made the cut, landing them on my list of 50 Things That Make Me Feel Good.

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