“Just tell me how to be different in a way that makes sense.” ― Stephen Chbosky

Welcome to English Wallflower, where weird, awkward, genius-style English is brought to you by Nik Wiles. An English Wallflower is also a plant, but we assure you, Nik is not a plant. Whatever plant-like qualities Nik has are mere coincidence.

English Wallflower is dedicated to making creativity blossom like a blooming onion, helping you craft writing that is exceptional(ly weird), and producing some awkward, genius-style creative and academic work.

Keep it weird, or don’t bother.

We offer tutoring, proofreading, editing, assistance with creative projects, freelance writing, ghost writing, production of fiction/poetry/short stories…and every other little thing from here to there. If it’s related to English, writing, reading, existing, we want to help. Contact us.

Why English Wallflower? Well, our creator, founder, and loving parental figure, Nik, has a favorite novel you may (or may not have *gasp*) heard of by Stephen Chbosky. It’s titled The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Nik is a bit of a wallflower type, as anyone connected to English Wallflower tends to be. We’re a little on the awkward side at times, and we’re usually voluntarily off to the side checking out what’s happening around us. Plus, our expertise is English, reading, and writing. We’re flipping weird. But we’re flipping brilliant.

Weirdos + Awkwardness + English = English Wallflower.

Poke around. Check us out. Get our help (you know you want it, need it). Tell your friends. Keep it weird, or don’t bother.

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